What is lichen nitidus, symptoms, causes and homeopathy treatment

Healing Lichen Nitidus through homeopathy is viable

Treatments for any type of disease are present in Homeopathy. This form is a safe way of curing all the disease. A number of people have come out of their problems with the help of homeopathy. Do you know what lichen Nitidus is? This is also a skin disease; homeopathy is well versed in curing all types of skin disease. The treatment is can work out well only if the patient is having patience and positive attitude.

Understand the disease lichen nitidus well

lichen-nitidusWhatever may be the disease diagnosing the same in the proper manner is the first step to curing it. Numerous skin diseases are prevailing and may lead to wrong conclusion, but a well versed doctor will identify any skin disease with its symptoms. Skin biopsy is the best method to undergo to analyse the type of skin disease. This lichen nitidus is caused due to genetic tendency and also some immunological reasons. This is often confused with lichen planus, care should be taken while diagnosing the same. It is a rare disease which comes in the form of lumps or skin eruptions which are round skin-coloured papules that are flat on the top. They are also well known as micro papules, it is 10mm in diameter. They erupt as solid bumps; they don’t have any fluid in them. The bumps are due to the inflammation under the skin. The reasons behind these types disease are yet to be analysed. But most of the skin disease depends on the genetics of the person.

Remedy and medication for Lichen nitidus

Lichen nitidus can occur on the hand, legs, back or even the chest and the abdomen. Most of the times they are mild, but can also become severe and keep spreading throughout the body. Sometimes they are stable also in some parts of the body. The skin gets dried up and this leads to itching and irritation to the body. The symptoms like itching are heavy in summer and also humidity. Stress in the body increase the itching to a great extent and itching will lead to some other skin infections. So itching should be treated first and stress to be controlled at all times. This Lichen nitidus is very distasteful in appearance. But that is the basic symptom of this disease. It can be treated very well with cortisone and also some moisturizers. When in extreme cases steroids are to be taken orally called a second generation retinoid or acitretin is given in these situations. lichen nitidus Treatment is also well known as mini lichen planus that is why in many cases it is wrongly judged. Homeopathy has a great relief for this disease, the basic step in the treatment is to control the itching first, and then the treatment gradually reduces the lump in the body. Homeopathy has worked out wonders in many cases of Lichen nitidus. Proper skin biopsy will help in reducing the disease at faster phase. Patience with any kind of skin disease has to first control itching the parts to avoid further problems.